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Oh Christian, please help!
See the millions upon millions dying without Christ,
Look at the numerous tribes without missionaries,
Think about 1,700 languages with not a single word of scripture
And consider Christian brothers and sisters at home,
Sitting like Jonah in their booths,
Carefree, Contended and Comfortable!

Whereas millions of earth’s modern Ninevehs,
Continue to sink to an endless, hopeless, Christless eternity,vvvvvvv. Not because they couldn’t or shouldn’t be saved,
But because you don’t care much!

All over the Local Government of this country,
There are tribes and people groups that have not heard at all,v. The death of the king of Glory to pay the price of their iniquity,
And obtain their eternal redemption,
Yet these people shall stand, before Christ’s judgment throne!

See them with arms raised up and with begging eyes. Listen to their pathetic wailing!
“Hurry, hurry, hurry, Come to our aid,
We are perishing without the gospel,
Come, oh please come, do not delay.”

I have seen some of them with my worn and weary eyes,
Strange people with strange tongues, myriads of miserable men.

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