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The devil uses self-delusion to fool many,

Hardly anyone has been saved,

Hardly anyone made holier,

Yet the evangelist and the organizing committee rejoice,

For a “marvelous break- through for God”!

If in that series of meetings,

No one had raised hands or signed decision cards,

The preacher would perhaps have felt so humbled,

He might have sought God’s face,

In earnest prayer and fasting.

The something of real spiritual value,

Could have been gloriously accomplished,

However the devil got everybody happy,

Believing hundreds of soul had been delivered

From the devil’s grip when they are not.

May the lord give us vision,

To see through all that is merely superficial,

May He deliver us from the spirit of advertising world,

May He set us free from the spirit of self delusion,

For it always spell doom to the work of God.

Beloved, you can join this chariot now.

Many are waiting with unseen tears;

Please, there are many rooms for you here.

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