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As a Mission, we intend to positively affect the lives of the generality of the people where we operate. Hence, by the grace  of God and with help from international organization, spirited group or individual donor, who also have similar visions with that of Steadfastness Missions.

We intend to establish a school where we can help train children and women in various courses.

We intend to have a clinic where children and women can also be treated at no cost. The school which will starts from Kindergarten, Nursery, Primary, Junior and Senior High as well as Technical and vocational training.

This will go a long way in alleviating the stress women go through in order to access medical treatment, as well as reducing the rate of school drop outs among the children whose parents do not have the needed fund to send them to school.

Efforts are also on to purchase a vast acre of land for this purpose. Already negotiations are on with the traditional leaders in the area of our operations to secure the land.