Steadfastness Television (STV) was established purposely to propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Especially to show most essentials things that prepare the Saints for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (Rapture).

Are you also wish to be part of those who will be rapture? Watch Steadfastness Television (STV).

Did you believe in rapture of the Saints or not? Watch Steadfastness Television (STV).

Also, STV wish to use this opportunity to let general public have chance to listen and download Gospel Teachings' video and others  free. All is full of Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This site based on holiness, righteousness and genuine undiluted-salvation messages that prepare real and ready born-again Christians for the second coming of Christ (Rapture); which may take place at anytime from this moment.

You can introduce this site to your friend and your Pastor or Bishop.

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